The USA will cut about 51 millions of cubic meters in Colorado River water supply for Mexico

The challenge for Baja California is to work things out with 51 million cubic meters less of water from the Colorado River and seek for an alternative to solve the problem, in attempt from Donald Trump government to “save” water due to a descent in the levels of Lake Mead.

USA authorities say that the decision is previously considered in the Binational Contingency Plan, which has been agreed by both countries and it´s stated in the 323 Act of the International Limits and Water Commission (CILA n Spanish). Fifty one million cubic meters is about 50% of Mexicali yearly water consumption, Sonora will be affected too since it also receives water from the Colorado River, which in turn provides water to five States of the USA.

There are contradictions between both countries water authorities, CILA Mexico says that Lake Mead levels don´t call for the Act 323 cutting water supply for Mexico, since the rains that fell between November 28 and December 28 in that region made it possible for 640 millions of cubic meters to store in that lake, which amounts to 1,255% more than what the 2020 water supply cut would mean.

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