“No reason to panic, Mexicali border is protected” said Mayor Avila Olmeda, on the rumor about Iranias arriving to Mexicali

There were versions going all over social media, about a group f Iranians that could be arriving soon to Mexicali, aiming to cross the border to the USA, that is the reason City Hall activated the Border Shield operation, in order to coordinate with the USA authorities and prevent any contingence regarding that matter, said Mayor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda.

She also said that there is no reason to panic, or even think there could be terrorist attacks in Mexicali, but explained that the Border Shield seeks to protect the border crossings in Mexicali, Algodones and San Luis Sonora, but mentioned that there is no reason to suppose that there could be any attacks from foreigners due to a conflict happening in such a distant part of the world such as the middle east.

“We must be certain that the binational efforts aim to keep people calm and remark that it is normal for people arriving to the border, hailing from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of America”, said Avila Olmeda and assured the citizens that Mexicali Police Department    will be on alert, altogether with the State Investigation and Security Bureau and other instances to reinforce Birder Shield and coordinate with the USA authorities. 

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