Los Cabos City Hall protects free access to Palmilla beach, control booth construction license cancelled

“Beaches are ours, we must take good care of them and use them in a responsible manner”, said Los Cabos Mayor Armida Castro, after the City Council audience where a company construction license was revoked, cancelling the building of a traffic control booth, because it would block free access to the beach, which goes against Mexican Law.

Los Cabos City Hall Council voting on revoking of a construction license whiich would imply blocking free access to Palmilla Beach

With 12 votes on favor and zero against, Los Cabos city Council approved to revoke the license of a construction involving free access to Palmilla, file number 0399LIC-SJC/2019, Mayor Armida Castro Guzmán , complemented the work done by the Council Commission of Urban Development and Environment Protection, their thorough analysis of the point in question.

Mayor Castro had already started campaigns of “absolute defense of Palmilla” when she was a congress representative in 2005-2008, she said that it stands for life and opportunity and it  is an important part  of the community growth, a symbol of Los Cabos and its people, so they are entitled to have access to the beach.

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