Dreadful figure: More than 100 ecologic activists have been killed in Mexico: Secretary of Environment


The killing of more than one hundred activists who defend Mexico´s natural resources, as the recent murder of Michoacan state´s monarch butterfly forests sanctuary advocate, Humberto Gómez, who was found dead a few days ago, are despicable and criminal reactions of those who exploit natural resources without any consideration whatsoever, said Victor Toledo, Mexico´s secretary of Environment and Natural Resources.

Toledo said he would push forward an legislative initiative to defend and look after Mexican natural resources, proposing new Laws and a specialized corps within the National Guard and other government levels to defend and protect the territories and the environmental militants as well as a bill to form, develop and fortify organs, instruments and intervention lines within citizen and communitarian social nuclei, who are willing to do such a thing, and set processes to defend, protect and prevent the areas and active subjects in conservation and regeneration of natural resources in Mexico.

Toledo, who is in charge of SEMARNAT (Mexico´s department of environmental protection), reiterated his commitment to defend life and acknowledges Mexico´s men and women who struggle and fight, form their own trenches, to defend life and try to stop projects such as mines, dams, tourist developments, predator agriculture, forest exploitation, chemical and biotechnological projects which are based in the looting of communitarian natural resources in Mexico, and stop the killing of environmental militants.

Thera have been many outstanding militants murdered, such as Isidro Badenegro López, a rarámuri Indian, who put up a fight against the destruction of the Tarahumara Mountain range forests, who won the Goldman award in 2005, another murdered militant was Manuel Gaspar, killed in 2018 he was opposing to the open field mines and an hydroelectric project of the Federal Commission of Electricity in Cuetzlan, Puebla.

In February 2019, Mexico´s society condemned the murder of Samir Flores Soberanes, who lead the opposition to Huexca thermoelectric plant in Cuautla, Morelos, less than a hundred miles south of Mexico City, as well as Jose Luis Alvarez within the limits of southeastern states of Tabasco and Chiapas and the biologist Nora López León, who participates in a guacamaya (exotic birds) breeding project in Chiapas.

Toledo assured that the so called FOURTH TRANSFOMATION government will start an investigation to search for the murderers as well as to protect all those people who fight in order to defend Mexico´s natural resources and protect them from further violence and death, Mexico´s natural resources should be above the commercial interest of corporations and criminal entities who exploit them regardless of the harmful effect on nature.  

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