Mayor Marina Avila, received am 80k peso donation for Mexicali Fire Department form Calimax supermarkets

In order to help Mexicali Fire Department to have better equipment and tools to protect and serve Mexicali residents, Calimax Supermarket executives delivered an 80 thousand pesos donation, resulting from the “roundup” campaign which this company promoted in recent months, and Mayor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda thanked them and all Mexicali inhabitants who donated to this campaign during October and November of 2019.

Mayor Avila said that government can´t work by itself: “We need the conjunction of all the social forces, including entrepreneur and corporations as well as the citizens so we may be able to work altogether in order to strengthen the heroic Fire Department of Mexicali. Ruben Darío Osuna, Mexicali Fire Department chief, said that there were ten self-contained respiration equipment sets bought with the donations achieved by the campaign, which will protect and enable firefighters to work better and in a safer manner, so he thanked Fernando Becerra from Calimax, who said that this sort of campaigns is 100% reliable and the financial resources obtained will get to the right place and the right people.

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