“We liberated Tijuana from the second biggest debt ever assumed by a City Hall Administration”, said Mayor Arturo Gomez


Thanks to the intense financial labor of Tijuana Mayor, Arturo Gomez Cruz, and work team, they achieved to cancel the second largest debt in the history of Tijuana City Hall, which amounted up to 1.4 billion pesos, plus interest and other penalizations.

“Today is a very important day for the city, we have accomplished, through negotiations, to pay and cancel the second largest debt Tijuana has ever had, the first was due to the PIRE (Integral Street Repaving Program) and the second one was for the cameras installed in 2006 by Global Corporation Tijuana”, said Mayor Gomez Cruz in a press conference. Interest, damage The 1.4 billion pesos debt. The damages legal suit, by Global Corporation against Tijuana City Hall, was negotiated and the company signed a document where it resigned the right to collect the debt that Tijuana municipality had with them, as well as its demand of reinstating the electronic economic fine system.

“We terminated the specialized service supply agreement regarding the instrumentation, administration and operation of the Electronic Government Program that had been signed as of December 20 of 2006”, said Mayor Gomez, during a press conference where he was joined by his Legal Advisor, Salvador Gomez Ayala and the Municipal Treasurer, Victor Manuel Cerda Romero.

Tijuana Municipality had been sued by Global Corp. Tijuana, after the city administration failed to comply with the service agreement signed between the company and City Hall, with a legal suit in the Third Civil Court of Tijuana and as of April 1st 2009 the definitive sentence was stated, commanding the city to pay the amount claimed.

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