“Low temperatures and rain expected in Tijuana region this weekend”, said City Hall´s Civil Protection director

In order to avoid health complications and for Tijuana residents to be safe and protect their own lives, due to the low temperatures for the city the following days said Civil Protection Director, José Luis Rosas Blanco, and said there is a forecast of 3.3 degrees Celsius and a chill point with much lower points.

These low temperaturas in the region will be felt harder in the so-called East Valleys, which, due to their geographical condition are prone to have even lower and more intense temperatures, there is also a 40 to 70% probability of precipitations for next week said Rosas Blanco.

He finally said that “we don´t know the moment in time and the amount of rain that might fall in Tijuana next week, but the orders of Mayor Arturo Gómez Cruz, are to keep a steady weather monitoring in order to make the right decisions and take the corresponding actions, said Rosas Blanco.

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