“Baja California must use clean energy to mitigate climate change”: Congressman Jorge García Lara


Priorizing projects to mitigate the climate change effects using clean energy, was the proposition that Baja California Congressman, Jorge García Lara (Citizens Movement), submitted to the House of Representatives, with support of lawmakers from all partisan forces, approved unanimously by the Congress of The Union, implicitly stating that clean energy shall be part of these projects as soon as possible.  

Thus, Baja California will have the chance to spearhead clean energy generation all over Mexico, said Congressman García Lara, with projects that will also allow the growth of investment and development in the State, and in this sense, he said that Baja California territory has been privileged since there is feasibility to produce clean energy from different sources such as: sun, wind and ocean tidal movement

García Lara also said that the reform to the Federal Science and Technology that was approved by the House of Representatives would allow specialists and other people to have the opportunity to receive support to develop and implement actions to achieve their environmental goals. In the parliamentary precinct, he recalled that Citizens Movement has fostered (since the past legislature) different projects and initiatives to push forward the use of clean energies, including Baja California.

“Even when Mexico has potential to develop not-renewable energy and bet on more environment friendly measures, since in 100 years we might have depleted the earth from all fuel reserves, so he said that climate change demands immediate action so Mexico can´t be left aside nor step back, because it has all the natural resources and capital to push forward renewable energy projects.        

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