Mexicali “Three Lagoons System Committee” to save local wetlands, takes oath in a ceremony headed by Mayor Marina Avila


The three small lagoons, Southeast of Mexicali, are called: Campestre, Mexico and Xochimilco, an environmental resource that mustn´t be forgotten, an organization representing several parts of Mexicali community  has undertaken the task of cleaning and improving the conditions of “Laguna Mexico”, they have been attending the Lagoon System every other Sunday for quite a long time with two breaks a year: Summer and Winter, they aim to plant trees, clean and create an ecologic path for Mexicali, while some entrepreneurial minds are planning to make a park and get profits from its operation, looking at them as business more than an environment buffer and a recreational choice for the city residents.

The organization is 100% citizen based, no partisan mentality nor economic interests, and with their own resources and tools want to foster environment awareness among the people in Mexicali, about the relevance of taking care of the environment and looking after the area natural resources.

The lagoons are a station for migratory birds who fly southward, a lung to clean Mexicali´s polluted air, a recreational choice for Mexicali, an real community and social development opportunity, which ought to be seen as an ecologic and social buffer, more than a profit yielding park, since the real gain in having this lagoons as a park, mustn’t be monetary but a way to relieve pressure from the community and become a beneficial element for the environment.

The Committee to Rescue Mexicali Lagoon System, took oath in front of Mayor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, in a ceremony where they also commemorated the Wetlands World Day, this wetland system is the biggest body of water in Mexicali urban area, very relevant due to its landscaping, social and cultural characteristics.

Avila Olmeda mentioned the relevance of this event, which shows the joint effort of society and government, working together as a team to figure out the environmental problems, an example of synergy to work for Mexicali, she thanked scholar and governmental institutions, civic organizations, Mexicali City Hall, altogether in a project for a cleaner Mexicali with a healthy environment, something that the Municipality has pushed forward, one of the priority axis, accomplishing commitments acquired during the electoral campaign by Mayor Avila.

“We’re going to keep on working, with heart and will, to create a better Mexicali, and in that sense there have been actions undertaken in order to plant more trees, recover public spaces, garbage recollection programs, on top of all that we banned the sale of fireworks”, said Mayor Avila.

Efraín Nieblas Ortiz, Environment Protection director of Mexicali municipality, explained that there are different wetlands of international relevance in Mexicali, which have big ecological, economic, social and cultural value, which had been overseen, and their main importance is that they “provide” a wide array of environmental services, and also said that last February 2nd was the Wetlands World Day, and this is a chance to underline how important are these ecosystems for the State capital.

HE also said that this is the first time that City Hall deploys and effort as this one, to rescue wetlands formed within the system that includes, Colorado River, Hardy River, Salty Lagoon, California Gulf delta and urban wetlands, such as the three lagoons which Mayor Marina Avila´s Administration is trying to reactivate and protect.

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