Tijuana City Hall reinforces surveillance in college campuses and night recreational centers

Reinforcing surveillance and Police operations for Tijuana residents integrity safekeeping and inhibit crime in the city, is a considerable priority for Mayor Arturo Gonzalez Cruz, strengthening attention on college campuses as well as night clubs and restaurants, said Jorge Alberto Ayón, director of Tijuana´s Citizen Protection and Security Secretariat, who said that he has been instructed by Mayor Gonzalez Cruz to double efforts to grant more security to citizens and, mainly, the female population.

He also invited the young and adult population to Foster and implement the self-care awareness by means of useful, easy and concrete actions such as letting their relatives know where and with whom they go to, avoid “blind dates”, have emergency dial in speed dial, talk about uncomfortable situations which may well cause criminal situations that may endanger people´s integrity.

He remarked the fact that citizens denouncing crime, is a huge tool so authorities may implement actions to benefit Tijuana residents, so any anonymous “whistleblower” may do so by dialing 911, and said that, in order to reduce crime, law enforcement authorities from the three government orders (City, State and Federal) so the fight against illegal activities may be more successful.

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