Drugs, arms and totoaba bladder seized in San Felipe by the Investigation and Security State Guard, a woman was arrested

After an anonymous whistleblower called 911, the Investigation and Security State Guard (GESI) located a house on Mar de las Flores Avenue, in Sección Primera in San Felipe, there were firearms, drugs and Totoaba swim bladders, which are highly valued in the black market, and methamphetamine, according to a press release from the State Attorney´s Office  

A Judge grants a warrant to search the house on Mar de Flores Avenue, First Section in San Felipe, where the GESI agents arrested Elizabeth “X”, 28 years old, whose family has several members with crime records, among them her father who has been detained for using Army exclusive weapons, an uncle of hers is allegedly involved in a murder where the victim was burned to death in 2017 in Mexicali and the owner of the house was arraigned for attempted kidnapping in Tijuana.

The seized items:

  • AR-15 black rifle, with chromed mechanism.
  • Colt MK IV handgun Series 80.
  • Eight zip lock bags containing totoaba bladders.
  • 12 methamphetamine bags
  • One digital scale.
  • Pick up GMC Truck Sierra Denali license plates from California 7C53865.
  • Black tubular boat ramp with no serial number nor license plate.

This comes after Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez visited San Felipe and promise to improve all public services, and after the anonymous call, the GESI carries out the operation. The evidence was taken to the corresponding authority for further investigation and to be used as exhibits in Court. This is part of the strategies that Governor Bonilla has implemented to guarantee more security to Baja California residents.

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