Roberto, an octogenarian former Mexicali cop shot a burglar in the head, inside his house


Early Tuesday morning, Roberto, an 80 year old man, heard some strange noises, he saw a man robbing his house, the burglar attacked him with a pair of scissors, so he drew a gun and shot him in the head, the other man fled but he collapsed on the sidewalk, in front of the house, said Maria Elena Mexicali Police Chief.

The man was taken to Mexicali´s General Hospital and the last reports were that he was in intensive Care and it was most likely that he wouldn´t make it but the last reports Ms. Andrade had were that he was still alive.

On the other hand, she informed that Roberto is a retired police officer, and shot the burglar with a .38 gun, she said he had been taken to the State Attorney´s CSI Unit in order to determine his legal status, which might be self-defense, but that will be determined by the State Attorney, said Chief Andrade.

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