“Assange´s extradition is a disgusting joke and mockery of the Law”: Roger Waters

Julian Assange’s extradition to the US would sound the death knell for both investigative journalism and the rule of law, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters told RT ahead of a march organized in support of the WikiLeaks publisher.

With his extradition proceedings set to begin Monday, Assange faces 175 years in an American prison cell under the Espionage Act for his work with WikiLeaks, which has published thousands of pages of classified government documents since it’s founding – including evidence of US war crimes. But with the UK government intent to “feed him to the wolves,” Waters said Assange’s case has made a mockery of the law. “If they extradite Julian and kill him in America, it is the death knell of jurisprudence in this country,” he said. “[Assange’s case] has nothing to do with the law, it’s not a legal proceeding at all. It’s a joke and it’s disgusting… It makes me ashamed to be English.”

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