Baja California still free of COVID19, but there are 41 confirmed cases elsewhere in Mexico


There are 41 confirmed COVID19 cases in Mexico, only 15% are hospitalized, the rest are external (ambulatory) patients and no deaths have been related to the disease, but in only one day there was a 57.7% growth in cases, but there are many suspicious cases under analysis  and the figure may increase considerably the next days, but Mexico´s Federal Government has decided to close schools from March 20 to April 20, and people are being advised to stay at home as much as possible and avoid social gatherings such as public events and shopping malls.

Fortunately Baja California is COVID19 free and there hasn´t been a single death due to the virus all over the country, but Mexicans mustn´t make the same mistake as Italian, who took it as a holiday and end up spreading the virus. Education Secretary, Esteban Montezuma announced that there would be a one-month school hiatus in Mexico. This is no vacation, it is quarantine.

Information, fake and true, has flooded social media and there have been preposterous reactions, but according to the Disease Control Center of the World Health Organization, 3 thousand 014 people die of Tuberculosis every day while the same figure for people dying of COVID 19 is only 56, but the outbreak is seriously, exponentially growing. There´s panic and for some strange reason people have rush to supermarkets and other stores to buy tissue paper, gel and alcohol. Conspiracy theorists are having a ball. There are even rumors of a vaccine being developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals, but it just might be a “Gordon Gekko maneuver” to take advantage of the crisis and make money in the Stock Market. The only thing we can do now is not to panic and follow a hygienic protocol. And stay alert.

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