Tijuana Mayor invites street vendors to shut down and stay alert in order to avoid COVID19 risk

Due to the COVID 19 worldwide pandemic crisis, Tijuana Mayor Arturo Gonzalez Cruz asked the itinerant street vendors of the so-called “markets on wheels”, to adopt the authorities recommendations and avoid installing their business on the streets in order to prevent situations that may endanger their health.

Mayor Gonzalez remarked that one of the most important things to stop the Covid19 virus, is social distancing and a total halt to public or private activities which may gather several people, that is why he invited the street vendors that cover weekly routes or are in work at commercial spots, to ground to halt while the region´s health crisis lasts.

City Hall invites all the city residents to take preventive measures as directed to prevent contagions, such as washing hands often, protect the children and older adults ad people with respiratory or chronical ailments, among others, to avoid spreading the risk of disease.

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