Baja California State University starts classes online due to COVID19 crisis

It was on Wednesday March18 and not Monday 23, when classes online started in Baja California State University, in order to safe keep the students and professors health and wellbeing, with the help of the Education Secretary of the Baja California state government, so the Academic Continuity Plan will activate this Thursday March 19, all professional services and practice are suspended except the pre-graduate and medicine students and interns working in assigned hospital facilities, under the coordination of their sup0ervisors

Administrative and service activities will also continue as well as the main offices, informed the UABC in a press release, taking the preventive measures that authorities have recommended, so the services that requires the people´s presence in the facilities will go on if they can´t be provided on line or at a distance, this will be determined by coordinators, directors and department chiefs according to the duties and responsibilities of each one of them.

UABC Online clases have already started

It is important for students and professors, to remain in permanent communication and to stay in touch so the learning process doesn´t stop, for further information about the use of the Blackboard distance teaching tool, students and teachers can contact, as this contingency evolves and following the recommendations emitted by the State and Federal government instances, the correspondent actions will be taken, so the university community is asked to follow the UABC official media as well as follow the hygiene recommendations issued by the health authorities.

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