Baja California State Police seized 400 pounds of methamphetamine in Tijuana, no arrests made


After a search warrant was granted by a Tijuana Judge, State Guard for Security and Investigation (GESI) agents were deployed and got to a house in La Herradura housing district, were they found about 400 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, which was secured and turned to the corresponding authorities, but there were no arrests made.

A press release from the State General Attorney (FGE) informed that it had been a joint operation between the Mexican Army (SEDENA) and the State General Attorney Office (FGE), after an investigation by the Special Attorney  against Drug Dealing, a job that will continue in order to determine to which organized crime the seized methamphetamine belonged.

A house was searched, 400 pounds of meth were seized, but there were no suspects arrested

This blow to drug trafficking organizations prevented thousands of doses to be sold on Tijuana streets, the FGE invited all Baja California residents to join the fight against crime and to anonymous “whistleblow” and point at paces where there could be illegal activities related to organized criminal organizations.

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