Northern Mexico´s health officials got advise form Dongguan, China, doctors through video-conference

To get a wider perspective and an updated panorama of what the COVID19 pandemic crisis is about, was the goal of the videoconference between Baja California Health Department personnel, headed by Secretary Oscar Perez Rico, and medical experts from Dongguan, China, where the first cases of people affected by the virus were taken care of, according to a press release from the State Government.

The intention is, said Perez Rico, that health professionals and citizens from Baja California, can be able to coordinate in a joint effort to beat the illness that has already killed about half a million people all over the world, in an outbreak that came from China, so those medics´ experience may be decisive for Baja Californian doctors to contend and avoid mass contagion.

Chinese specialists pointed out the fact that solid leadership and a good command system are decisive factors to achieve the contention of COVID19, the videoconference was broadcast live through the State Health Department FB fan page, and they mentions that prevention actions must be strengthened and there were directions to improve knowledge and early diagnose capacities.

They also mentioned that there had been a reference distribution of serious and ambulatory patients so medical services can guarantee treatment and attention to the patients, China General Consul, Yu Bo participated in the meeting, as well as Health Secretaries from other states: Baja California Sur, Sonora and Chihuahua.

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