Probable start of the MLB season around the Fourth of July, it would be around 80 games and the whole post-season


Due to the uncertainty that the COVID19 crisis has caused all over the world, and in the United States too, professional sports leagues are expecting and looking forward to find a manner to start season, thus surges a faraway dream, an illusion for many fans, that MLB could start season this summer.

Last week, information about team owners getting together to analyze the feasibility of a Summer start of Major League Baseball, with empty stadiums, half of the regular season games (about 82) and the whole post season and October classic World Series, with an estimated loss of 640 thousand for each game played in an empty stadium.

Another interrogation is, if it happened: How would the teams manage to pay the players multi-millionaire salaries? Not to mention other expenses such as park maintenance, the administration and general payroll of each club, the probable COVID19 “come back” in Fall and/or Winter, the pressure and stress that people are living in their

The players Union must have something to say here, and altogether with team owners, are all the main characters in this probable baseball “opening day” in July, which has sown illusion in many fans hearts, but everything is just a “maybe” while most of the people, locked down and bored, dream of hearing that typical umpire´s shout: PLAY BALL!.


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