Baja California State Guard arrested two Americans wanted by California and Arizona justice

As a result of the International Liaison of Baja California State Guard hard work, two American citizens, with outstanding arrest warrants for parole violation, were detained in Mexicali and Tecate; their names are KARINA “X” and FRANCISCO “X” (Mexicali criminal law doesn’t allow mention pf their surnames until they are sentenced), both had been arrested and judged for drug trafficking, and now they are in Mexican feds hands, waiting to be sent back to the USA.

First, in during a migratory control operation in Nueva Esperanza section in Mexicali, State Guard (GESI) agents, who had received information about FRANCISCO who had been tried and convicted for trying to introduce 27 kilos of cocaine to the US, through Mexicali border crossing 01, intelligence reports said he had gotten parole, but he had fled and might be hiding in Mexicali, so he was located and detained.

The other one, named KARINA X”X was arrested in El Refugio section in Tecate, by State Guard agents, who are commissioned to the Tactical Intelligence Coordination, she had been arrested trying to introduce 70 kilos of marihuana to the US through Los Algodones border crossing, in January 2012, she was wanted by Arizona justice and very soon she will appear in court accused of violating parole. Both Americans are in the Federal authority´s hands and will be sent to the United States as soon after the required paperwork is accomplished.

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