Carolina, 17 years old, may have been murdered by a relative: Baja California General Attorney


The sad case of Carolina, a 17 year old who was found dead, last Thursday, in her house in Gran Venecia, Mexicali is under investigation, everything points at a case of domestic violence, and next week we expect to take it to court, said Baja California State Attorney Guillermo Ruiz, referring to this case that shocked Mexicali last Thursday.

According to a local news outlet, Carolina lived in a very toxic environment, as there are videos showing that her sister is a violent person and has substance abuse issues; actually, it was her sister who called the Police to say she had found the young girl´s body when she allegedly got home.

There had been 60 violent murders in Mexicali so far in 2020, 10 of them have happened in May, but this one comes as a huge shock, for the violent nature of the crime, and it allegedly happened among siblings, the videos shown in other social media news outlets are proof of the beating Carolina took that day, by her own sister.

There may be arrests this week, there is an innocence assumption in Mexican criminal Law, but the videos show scenes that might become the main proof against Carolina´s sister as the probable murderer, she is seen ingesting drugs, showing sexual toys, bad mouthing someone on the phone and then she falls from the chair and Carolina laughs at that and gets furious and starts to threat her younger sister.

Recently, the Director of the Familiar Violence Attention Center (CAVIM in Spanish), said that, due to the quarantine and confinement, there have been more domestic and familiar violence cases reported to this Care Center, and the sad case of Carolina is just the confirmation of the violence that has surged with the current crisis.

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