ALERT: Six girls and two boys escaped Mexicali DIF temporary shelter, Baja California State Attorney is looking for them


Eight minors left the Temporary Shelter of the Integral Family Development, without permission as of last Sunday May 17th, boys and girls who escaped the Temporary Shelter for minors of the Baja California Integral Family System (DIF), according to a press release issued by the State General Attorney of Baja California.

Members of the shelter staff commented that, last Sunday during a routine surveillance they realized that eight minors were missing, they checked all over the facilities and didn´t find them, right then a fight broke out, as a distraction to make the scape easier for the eight children, two of them were located Tuesday around noon.

Their names are JOSÉ JULIÁN ACOSTA QUIROZ de 12 años y FERNANDO RAMÓN RODRÍGUEZ GALVEZ de 13. DIF personnel asked Mexicali PD for help to search for the remaining six “runaways” whose names and description are listed as follows:

  • 1. – ANA MICHELL MARQUEZ AGUILAR, 16 years old, dark skin brown hair and eyes.
  • 2.- ANA NAYELY TRIGO ACEVEDO, 14 years old, White skin, straight light brown hair, dark brown eyes
  • 3. – KAREN VIRGINIA ESPINOZA AMPARANO, 15 years old, dark skin, straight hair, light Brown eyes, thin.
  • 4. – HELEN CHEZITH MEDINA RIVERA, 14 years old, light brown skin light brown curly hair.
  • 5.- JOSÉ RAÚL VALZ AREVALOS, 14 years old, White skin, dark brown straight hair
  • 6. – JONATHAN ARÓN LUIS HERNÁZ, 14 years old, dark skin, curly hair and dark brown eyes.

  • The State Attorney said that, if someone has information regarding this boys and girls, please dial (686) 9044100 ext. 4029, 4064 y 4288, 089 or 911.

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