State Guard special agent was murdered in Ensenada Friday morning

Friday morning at about 8:45 AM, the Emergency Central C-4 in Ensenada, received a call denouncing that there had been gunshots fired, on 13th street and Riveroll Avenue and that there was a wounded man lying on ground, who turned out to be special agent Manuel Avedaño Rojas, from the Narcotics Retail Attention Specialized Attorney, which investigates all about illegal substances sales at a street and neighborhood level.

State Guard agents and Red Cross paramedics arrived to the scene where the latter pronounced him death, and the State Attorney Office (FGE in Spanish) reported that the vehicle in which the alleged murderers had fled the scene, was located abandoned on 14th street between Riveroill and Miramar, downtown Ensenada, the car was secured by FGE agents.

The FGE through the Homicide Specialized Attorney, opened an case file (NUC in Spanish) and will carry out a thorough investigation in order to identify the murderers and solve the case that might as well e related to Agent Avendaño´s work against the  “street level” drug peddlers in Ensenada.

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