Kids use of Internet must be monitored by parents: Patricia Díaz, Children´s Psychology professor in CETYS Campus Mexicali

One third of the Internet users worldwide, are younger than 18 years old, which means that the age of access to the WEB is less every day, and in children of ages ranging between 6 and 12 years old, elementary school students the use of the world wide web is more recreational than of homework and class assignments and it´s on the recreation aspect where parents must focus and exert a thorough surveillance, said Daniela Patricia Diaz Flores, children´s psychology professor in CETYS Universidad Campus Mexicali.

The children´s right to information and access to digital platforms and electronic devices, their protection must be considered by the parents, she said, “the right to girls and boys to be protected is fundamental in this new digital age. Regarding education, besides having access to school this has to do with being acquainted to the habits and technology”.

She also said that this intermediate stage in the child´s development, the lack of supervision and the exposition to contents which are not suitable to their age, might unleash a wide array of social and behavioral problems, since they are exposed to serious hazards when they surf the Internet, such as sexting, threat where the children are forced to share photographs and videos with other people against their will.

“Constant supervision by adults is necessary; children are left alone with a tremendous freedom about what he/she can find in the Internet, these results in violent attitude, lack of sensitization and an early approach to subjects which go beyond the infant´s understanding. I have seen patients who have suffered cyberbullying in social media and this goes beyond the digital context of the children”, she finally said.

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