Millions of “Baby Lobsters” Appear on Tijuana Beaches

The big waves delivered by a Pacific groundswell and climate change are a couple of reasons that have been offered to explain the appearance of millions of small “baby lobsters” on beaches around Tijuana.

The lobsters began showing up Monday morning. On Tuesday morning, local police and firefighters were joined by residents in efforts to return to the sea those that were still alive.

'Baby lobsters' on beaches of Tijuana. (Photo: FRONTERA)
‘Baby lobsters’ on beaches of Tijuana. (Photo: FRONTERA)

Members of the organization Border Project for Environmental Education have estimated that as many as 2.5 million of the crustaceans have been left high and dry, and cite El Niño as partially responsible.

Fire Chief Carlos Gopar described the lobsters as five to six centimeters long.

Local officials issued a call on Tuesday to local residents, particularly those who live in the beaches area, to assist with rescuing the lobsters and returning them to the sea.

They are also known as “baby lobsters,” a gastronomic delicacy for some, so the beaches are under surveillance to ensure they are not taken for sale or consumption.

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