Chinese Firm Confirms $387.5 million pesos Investment in Baja California

As a result of this first part of the official visit of the Baja California delegation led by Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid to Asia, the Chinese company “QuanShen China” confirmed an investment of $387.5 million pesos (equivalent to 25 million US dollars) in the installation of a sporting goods manufacturing plant in the city of Tijuana, Baja California, which will generate about 800 direct jobs, The announcement was made during a meeting as part of the visit by this delegation to the Chinese city of Zhongshang.

Governor Francisco Vega was received in the Zhongshang plant by General Manager, Ming-Shang Lin, as well as Payee Tsai and Yongmei Chen, company officials, who guided the representation on a tour of the facilities of this production plant which has “Taylor Made” among its largest customers, a company dedicated to manufacture golf clubs and other sporting items. It should be noted that QuanShen’s headquarters are located in Hong Kong, the financial capital of the Asian continent.

Baja California’s privileged geographical location offers an ideal platform to serve the US market, this advantage is enriched with highly trained human talent that counts with great experience in world class manufacturing, an environment that favors business development and encourages the local government to work in coordination with private companies for a successful establishment and growth, ” declared Governor Vega de Lamadrid.

Shang Ming-Lin, said the plant will be installed in an industrial park in Tijuana and the project will be developed in phases, expecting to start operations on January 2016.

This event marks the return of sporting goods and products manufacturing to the state of Baja California, an industry which was active in the state before, then migrated to other parts of the world, and now comes back strong under new conditions of competitiveness in the region.

This competitive environment is making foreign companies decide to return to Baja, and it will increase the supply of jobs and will encourage new investments.


During this first activity of his tour through Asia, Governor Francisco Vega was accompanied by Consul General of Mexico in Guangzhou, José Alberto Limas and Secretary of Economic Development, Carlo Bonfante Olache, who reiterated the will of the State Government to contribute to the successful implementation of this and other projects, making the incentives and management services available to potential foreign firms willing to invest in our state.

The tour continued with the agenda in Taipei, Taiwan, where other members of the delegation joined the group: the President of the Industrial Development Commission of Mexicali, Alfredo Garcia Estrada; CANACINTRA Mexicali leader, Juan Ignacio Gallego Topete; Vice President of Economic and Industrial Development of Tijuana BC (DEITAC), Christian Tagliapietra and the Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development of Ensenada BC, Marco Navarro Steck.



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