Ensenada Baja California: Mexico’s First Certified “Green Port”

Ensenada, the only deep-water port on the Baja Peninsula, has been granted with an Environmental Certification by an international foundation, becoming Mexico’s first “Green Port”.

The official certification was presented to Communications and Transportation Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza at a ceremony in the Baja California coastal city on Saturday August 29th.

He said a green port is distinguished by the fact that its operators, workers and users participate in its responsible development and operation based on a strategy that is environmentally conscious.

The green port of Ensenada. (Photo: MEXICOXPORT)
The green port of Ensenada. (Photo: MEXICOXPORT)

The certification, he continued, recognized that Ensenada complies rigorously with national and international laws regarding environmental management and port sustainability, keeping the emission of pollutants to a minimum.

The certification program is operated by ECO Sustainable Logic Chain, a foundation that develops environmental management tools for ports all over the world. It is a part of the European Sea Ports Organization.

Its president, Herman Journé, was on hand Saturday to present the green port certification.

To qualify for PERS, a port must prepare an environmental policy, describe how environmental management is implemented and provide an overview of environment aspects of the port area.

Applications are validated by an independent auditor, in this case Lloyd’s Register, a maritime classification organization.


Source: http://mexiconewsdaily.com/

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