Young entrepreneurs in Baja make life simpler for expats living in Mexico

Young entrepreneurs in Baja California have joined forces to make life simpler for expats and foreigners in Mexico.

SimplePay, is an app for iPhone, Android, and Web, which will serve three key purposes. First, the app will allow users to pay utility bills and services such as CFE, Telnor/Telmex, Water, Gas, etc. SimplePay will also partner with government agencies and HOA administrations so that HOA fees of trust, fideicomisos, etc., can be paid all in the same place anywhere you are.


Living for so many years involved in the American community in Mexico (Puerto Vallarta and now Tijuana) has opened my eyes to all the inefficiencies that Mexico has yet to offer. That is why we developed SimplePay, an app for Americans in Mexico who are used to efficient processes that exist in the US” says Oscar Herrera, CEO of SimplePay.


Other advantages will include purchase services online (insurance, utilities, real estate title, etc.) But my personal favorite is the on-demand assist.

Through SimplePay’s app, users will be able to get a call-back from a bilingual assistant to help you in any circumstance. “It is very common for my english-speaking (rusty-spanish) neighbors to ask me for help translating to lawyers, doctors, cleaning lady, and more… So I said, let’s also develop a simple way for someone to request a call-back and a bilingual assistant will translate anything you need on-demand” said Oscar Herrera.


SimplePay is a must-download for expats in Mexico. The app will be ready in the fourth quarter of 2015 (Sept|Oct).



Service line-up is ready! Are we missing any?

The people at Simple Pay is very excited to see their efforts of months coming to reality. The initial services you will be able to pay are outlined here. If we are missing any key services, there is still time to add them. Just fill out the form here and we will have it ready for you and other expats.

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ABOUT SimplePay – SimplePay is based in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico. Oscar Herrera (27) is a serial entrepreneur who went to college at San Diego State University. He grew up in Puerto Vallarta, Jal. and is currently residing in Playas de Rosarito, B.C.  Other of Mr. Herrera’s ventures include Alejandro Vargas (25) is a seasoned programmer with experience in major companies. He has worked on GE General Electric projects. Mr. Vargas resides in Ensenada, B.C.


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