Governor Vega supports the community of El Rosario BC

EL ROSARIO, BC- Saturday 10 October 2015.- The State Governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, delivered machinery and equipment to producers in the agricultural sector as well as social services to support residents of El Rosario, Baja California.

During a working trip to the south of Ensenada the governor announced an investment of $1,464 000 pesos (86,000 USD), to generate productive activities and better opportunities for the inhabitants of the southern part of the state.

During an event that took place on a baseball field, the State Executive reiterated his adminstration’s commitment to bring services and care to the remote rural communities. In order to provide greater opportunities of development, and strengthen the livestock sector, Vega stated that more than $900,000 pesos (52,000 USD), will be granted through a program coordinated by SAGARPA.

These resources will allow farmers and ranchers to purchase supplies and equipment such as hoppers, fences, fodder shredders, scales, pens, trailers, water storage tanks, among others, as part of the infrastructure for productive and strategic projects.

Vega de Lamadrid symbolically handed 85 scholarships to working mothers (Photo: Gob. BC)
Vega de Lamadrid  handed 85 scholarships to working mothers (Photo: Gob. BC)

As part of this so called “Macrojornada”, $564,000 pesos (33,000 USD), were allocated through the Ministry of Social Development, to benefit senior citizens, working mothers and students of this district, showing the humanitarian side of the State Government.

In front of more than a thousand residents, Vega de Lamadrid handed out 85 scholarships to working mothers, 65 incentives for senior citizens, 7 productive projects, 31 healthcare plans, 16 home improvement packages, 200 food supply tickets, 200 “Un Grano de Ayuda” program packages, a check for $78,000 pesos to buy a new water pump, $100,000 pesos for civil society organizations and 40 cards of the “De la mano contigo” program, along with a certificate for a mammogram as part of the breast cancer awareness month and several electronic tablets for educational purposes.

Officers and employees of the State Government, offered information and spoke to the people of El Rosario in the modules installed in the sports area, corresponding to the Ministries of Health, Agriculture Development, Public Security, Social Development, Fisheries, Labour and Social Welfare, Education, in addition to the modules of the Attorney General of the State DIF (Integral Family Development), Sport and Physical Culture, as well as the Cultural Institute of Baja California, among others.

Vega de Lamadrid spoke to the residents of El Rosario two weeks ago during the presentation of the “2015 –  2019 San Quintin Program”,  in which 313 concrete actions will be implemented to detonate the economy of the entire region, a group of people asked the governor to visit their town, and so on Friday October 9, Kiko fulfilled his commitment with the people of El Rosario.

Governor Vega provides supports to the community of El Rosario BC (Photo: Gob. BC)

During the day, a group of students from the Eraclio Manuel Espinoza High School, benefited with a package of sports equipment, and they also requested sports uniforms.

Meanwhile, students of the Padre Salvatierra Elementary, asked Vega for a school transportation unit, so students can get to campus safely, and the state governor instructed the the head of SEDESOE to deliver the vehicle.

On this tour the Governor, was accompanied  by the Secretaries of Social Development, Ricardo Magaña Mosqueda and Agricultural Development, Manuel Valladolid Seamanduras, plus delegates from different state agencies.


Source: Comunicación Social del Estado de Baja California.

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