Baja California: World class investment destination

Seminario de Phoenix2

Baja California Government: Business opportunities

The State Government of Baja California  is promoting the State as an investment destination and the business opportunities it offers and provided information to 37 companies and consulting offices representatives particip0ating in a Seminar that took place in Mexico’s Consulate in Phoenix, Arizona, said the Secretary for Economic Development of Baja California Carlo Bonfante Olache, who (since day one of Governor Kiko Vega Administration)  has worked hard promoting Baja as an excellent destination to set operations for companies from all over the world.
“As Governor Francisco Kiko Vega instruicted us, we are carrying out a series of Seminars with help from the Mexican Consulates in svereal pointos of interest in order to promote alliances and detail business opportunities as well as the necesary processes and requiremnets to invest in Baja California”, Bonfante commented.
He explained that Mexico’s General Consul Roberto Rodriguez was opresent at the Seminar, where Baja’s leadership in aerospace and electronics was emphasized as well as medical, three fields in which Baja California  hosts World Class companies and corporations, that have set up sophistcated processes in the State, taking advantage of the multiple and varied opportunities Baja offers to them.
Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz de León, Commercial Commisionate of ProMexico in Phoenix, was also present in the Seminar and he stressed the excellent commercial relations between Arizona and Baja California.
Bonfante also talked about Ensenada Port modern infrastructure, the recent maintenance of the Tecate-Tijuana railroad tracks as well as the progress in the projects of the Ensenada  desalinisation plant  and airport.
Kevin O’Shea, International Commerce Vicepresident of the Commercial Authority of ARizona was also present at the Seminar and he talked about the business scheme of opportunities  and facilities that Baja California offfers to investors and companies.
O’Shea was at the recent Advanced Manufacture Event that took place in Rosarito, and along with SEDECO he is working out an alliance to to foster the joint promotion of an Economic Region between Arizona and Baja CAlifornia.
Other topivs shown in the Seminar were regarding better and successful practice for commercial and industrial  practices in the State, corporate structure instances, edport & import procedures, industrial areas and “Shelter” operations.
The last part of the Seminar consisted consisited of an industrial  manufacture expert  panel to deal with the most frequent questions and doubts about the stablishment of business opperations in Mexico. Bonfante finally stated that there have been similar Seminars in San Francisco, LA and San Diego aned there will be more next year all over the USA and several other counttries.

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