[:en]”Violence against women knows no boundaries, age, race or social condition” (Jacobson)[:es]”La violencia contra la mujer no conoce raza o condición social” (Jacobson)[:]

[:en]On Wednesday December 14, during the launch of the “Training Program UNODC-CNS Security Enhancement of Groups in Vulnerable Situations”, U.S. Ambassador Roberta Jacobson made the following remarks:

“Good morning everyone, It gives me great pleasure to take part in the launch of this program that will benefit many women that deserve our support. I would like to recognize Ambassador Miguel Ruíz Cabañas, Deputy Secretary for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Renato Sales Heredia of the National Security Commission, and Mr. Antonio Mazzitelli of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, as well as other distinguished guests.

“Gender violence and, more specifically, violence against women knows no boundaries, age, race or social condition. In other words, it does not discriminate. According to the United Nations, one in three women around the world has been a victim of violence. We cannot accept this number as a reality. That is why, through the Merida Initiative, the U.S. Embassy has supported the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and the National Security Commission in the development and launch of a training program on gender-based violence aimed at state-level preventive police, as well as the personnel working at the emergency call centers.

U.S. Ambassador Roberta Jacobson (Photo: El Universal)

“This training aims to build their knowledge, which will be crucial in emergency situations in order to provide immediate support to women in crisis and guide them to help and shelter in the network of Women’s Justice Centers. It is not only the responsibility of the victim to look for help; it is the first responder’s responsibility to guide her to the available resources.

“This program acknowledges that gender-based violence is not a private matter, but instead something that affects the community. The protection of the law does not end when one enters their home or workplace. I congratulate the government of Mexico for their efforts through CONAVIM to establish the Women’s Justice Centers to offer comprehensive support to all victims. We are happy to support these centers and with this new program and the expertise of the United Nations, we will further integrate the police and first response centers.

“I invite you all to offer solidarity to all women who suffer aggressions and who at times cannot find support. Let us be the link that will make the difference between life and death in many occasions, between victimization, and the breaking of the vicious cycle of gender-based violence. I would like to thank all the people and institutions involved in this program, and emphasize that this is just one of many programs to come to enhance and consolidate the support provided throughout Mexico. Congratulations to all of you! Thank you.”

Press release by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City

logo_us_embassy[:es]La embajadora de Estados Unidos en México, Roberta Jacobson, condenó la agresión que sufrió la senadora Ana Guevara el pasado domingo en la autopista Toluca-México.

Durante su intervención en el evento Presentación y firma de la carta de intención del Programa de Fortalecimiento para la Seguridad de Grupos en Situación de Vulnerabilidad, que organizó la Comisión Nacional de Seguridad (CNS), la diplomática aseguró que este tipo de acciones no hacen diferencias sociales o hasta de cargos políticos.

“La violencia de género y en especificó la violencia contra la mujer no conoce raza o condición social, es decir, no discrimina, condenó enérgicamente el incidente que sufrió la senadora Guevara y es una muestra más de qué hay que seguir luchando contra la violencia de género en todos los niveles.

La embajadora de Estados Unidos en México, Roberta Jacobson (Photo: El Universal)
La embajadora de Estados Unidos en México, Roberta Jacobson (Photo: El Universal)

“Es una muestra de que la violencia de género no respeta cargos y de hecho no respeta nada, según la ONU, una de cada tres mujeres en el mundo ha sido víctima de violencia, lo podemos aceptar esa cifra como una realidad”, dijo Jacobson.

Destacó que Estados Unidos apoya a México con la Iniciativa Mérida para el apoyo y tratamiento de aquellas mujeres que han sido víctimas por este fenómeno.

“Por tal motivo, la embajada de Estados Unidos, a través de la iniciativa Mérida busco ayudar en la capacitación contra la violencia de género para esa personas que serán cruciales para esos momentos de emergencia para que puedan brindar apoyo inmediato a una mujer en crisis.

“Este programa recuerda que la violencia de género no es de carácter privado si no qué afecta a la sociedad”, comentó.

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