A lioness is found in deplorable conditions captive in a Mexicali house

Through an anonymous report on the Comunidad Mexicali Book website, a citizen denounced that a lioness was being kept in captivity in deplorable conditions in a private home.

The complaint that was made anonymously, indicated that the feline was located in a house at Calle Xicotlán, Fraccionamiento Angeles, Mexicali, BC.

The report stated that the cage where the poor animal was locked in, had very small dimensions and did not have any shade, which is absolutely inhumane due to the extreme heat that prevails in Mexicali during the summer.

The report also mentioned that the cat was barely being fed at all.

According to local media, the corresponding authorities arrived onsite and verified that the owner did not have any kind of permits to own such an animal.

“The indiscriminate and irresponsible trade of wild animals is a federal offense, and local authorities have the responsibility to regulate in this matter, sanctioning and punishing anybody involved in animal cruelty or exploitation”.

(Photo: UniMexicali)

As stupid as it may sound, the alleged suspect declared that the purpose he was keeping the lion, was to charge people for taking photographs with it, as souvenirs.

Captivity is only justified for rehabilitation purposes and under the proper conditions at professionally equipped facilities.

Source: http://www.unimexicali.com

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