Due to great demand, part of the Toyota Tacoma production will move to Guanajuato Plant

Despite the change in Toyota’s production strategy for the Corolla model, the company will maintain its investment plan to build a $ 1 billion Guanajuato plant where it will now manufacture its Tacoma pick-up truck.

It should be noted that the Japanese firm announced last week that it would stop producing the Corolla model in Mexico to do so in a new plant that it will build in the United States, together with Mazda, to cover the growing demand of the North American market.

In an interview with Notimex, Toyota Institutional Relations Manager in Mexico, Luis Lozano, said that in recent years in the United States and North America there has been an increase in demand for pick-up trucks and SUVs, which represent up to 65 percent of sales.

Toyota Tacoma (Photo: El Mercurio)

Thus, to meet the needs of customers in the short term, they decided to change their production strategy, so now they will be manufacturing the Tacoma instead of the Corolla in their Guanajuato plant, additionally to the production at their existing complex in Baja California.

“We had plans to produce 200,000 Corolla units in Guanajuato, and 160,000 Tacoma units at the Tijuana plant, we still do not have the exact number of Tacoma pick-up trucks we are looking forward to produce at the Guanajuato plant, but we are anticipating that in terms of investment and employment there will be no substantial changes”, Lozano continued.

The manager explained that for the plant in Baja California, Toyota announced twice for two consecutive years increases in capacity, “but we continue to fall short to meet the great demand for this vehicle.”

“It’s a hot product that has been very successful, when you hear about these type of capacity increases in one plant and the need to start production in another complex, it can give an idea of ​​how the market is in the United States.”

Regarding the possibility of manufacturing another model in Mexico, the director of Institutional Relations of the firm said that they are always studying the potential of cars they can manufacture, but today it is not in the plan.

Source: https://elmercurio.com.mx/

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