Maquila salaries: 2.5 times better than Mexican industry: Salvador Maese


The great advantages of Maquila Industry over the real Mexican Industry is in the subject of salaries and development (personal as well as professional) said Salvador Maese, President of the Association of the Maquila Industry (INDEX) in Mexicali in a press conference where there was also another important announcement made: The creation and goals of the INDEX Foundation which is a manner with which the “maquiladoras” would like to acknowledge the “social commitment” that they acquire with community that hosts their manufacturing operations.

The issue of salary and compensations in the maquila industry branch has always been an argument to defend these kinds of industrial operations which, in the beginning, had come to Mexicali and many other Mexican cities, to operate with low labor costs, and have evolved into high tech and better paid salaries with interesting growth and development alternatives for their employees, said Maese.

Salary policies are a free subject for each company, he said, and every one of them represents a different aspect of commodities and business, maquila industry in Mexicali (and the rest of Mexico as well) pays 2.5 times more than the national salary average.

The salary issue is that it is never enough, “the more you got the more you want and we cannot tie the employees to keep them in our plants, they are entitled to their growth and development as well as a learning process within their jobs, Millennials also seek for a competitive salary not only monetary but also emotional, which means that they look forward not only to earning more money but to learning more and grow in several different manners”, he finally commented that the utmost goal is to improve the lifestyle levels of the workers as well as enable them to make a better job every day.

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