More than 600 Mexicali children receive environmental education in summer workshops

In order to foster a culture of respect for the environment, the 22nd Municipality of Mexicali, through the Environmental Protection Department, gave a series of summer workshops in which kindergarten, elementary and high school students received instruction related to environment care and preservation.

Luis Flores Solís, Director of Environmental Protection explained that through the Department of Environmental Education in coordination with the state Educational System, more than 650 children were instructed in environmental practices through summer courses and workshops.

He explained that staff of this unit gave the workshop “Germinated Seed of Mezquite” (“Germinado de Semilla de Mezquite”), a plant native to this region and suitable for reforestation purposes in the municipality.

Flores Solis indicated that through these workshops, children have the opportunity to participate in the planting of the seed, which is made in a biodegradable container, and they are taught the basic care for its growth.

The official mentioned that in addition to these activities, staff of this unit collaborated in summer courses  22nd Municipality of Mexicali cultural centers such as Casa de la Cultura, CREA and Meyibó, where the culture of environmental care is promoted among children and teenagers.

Flores Solís stated that for more information about the Environmental Education programs offered to Mexicali residents by the Directorate of Environmental Protection, citizens can call 556-06-36 or go to Plaza Baja California (local 17c).

Source: 22 Ayuntamiento de Mexicali

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