State Preventive Police has seized 56 million drug doses so far in 2017

Protecting Baja California’s children and youth has motivated a big amount of work and operations from the State Preventive Police (PEP) in Spanish and they have seized more than 56 million drug doses from January 1 to July 28 this year with 449 people arrested for drug trafficking or transporting, as well as dismantling 17 drug dealing gangs, according to Secretary of Security, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya.

Among these drug seizures, marihuana was the most numerous with 50 million 221 thousand 985 doses, synthetic drugs such as crystal (6 million doses) and ice (547 thousand doses, 41 thousand cocaine doses, almost 2 thousand doses of heroin and 2 thousand 500 psychoactive pills.

Most of these drugs have been seized in Tijuana (52 million doses) in Northern Zone, Sanchez Taboada and Camino Verde while in Mexicali 4 million drugs have been seized, Ensenada comes in third with more than a quarter million doses, in a big effort to fight the drug dealing as well as the consumption and use of these dangerous substances.

All this has been a result of the joint work and afford of the own PEP and team operations through the Coordination Group of Baja California, as well as citizens involvement and participation thorough anonymous “whistle blowing” by dialing 089 or 911.

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