Baja California University is #1 College (public or private) of Mexico’s Northwest

Baja California Autonomous University (UABC in Spanish) is ranked Number One in Mexico’s Northwestern and it is positioned in 71st place in Latin America, and at a National Leven is Mexico’s college number six in ranking according to “Time Higher Education Latin America University Rankings”, which is issued by TES Global Limited, in London.

This means that UABC enters an elite group formed by several of the best universities of Latin America, being the only college (public or private) from Northwestern Mexico to make it to that ranking’s list, and to evaluate these universities twelve variables were considered according to the following criteria: Faculty staff, research, quotes, internationalization and income for technological transferences, Duncan Ross, Data and Analytics Director and Will Sanchez, Latin America Director of Time Higher Education, delivered a certificate of recognition to the UABC, and with this “the university advances to accomplish the Vision 2025 goal of the Institutional Development Plan 2015-2019 advocated and fostered by Dean Juan Manuel Ocegueda Hernandez, by becoming one of the top five College Education alternatives in Mexico which is an actual honorable gift for the 60th Anniversary of the university.

The challenge for the future is to keep up the work to maintain the excellent ranking and it is a challenge for all the “Cimarrones” the UABC has delivered good results as education alternative for those who seek knowledge, and this adds up to the three stars ranking the UABC received from Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).


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