Mexicali Resiste rejects debate with Celula 686 regaring Constellation Barnnds and water


“Statements from Mexicali Resiste and Rigoberto Campos, are irresponsible, we aren’t running out of water”, said Chito Silva, leader of Celula 686, a citizen’s group last Monday August 7th at eleven o’clock in the museum of Cultural Studies of the University of Baja California (UABC), an appointment that he had set to debate between the protest collective Mexicali Resiste and other groups, but they never arrived.

He said that what is important to him is to inform with the truth and clear up the situation of water availability, and the distorted information that has been sent by several instances regarding the arrival of a brewing company which (they say) will deplete the Mexicali Valley’s water.

On the other hand, Leon Fierro, Mexicali Resiste leader, said that they have the right to accept or reject the debate to which they were summoned by Celula 686, in an interview with the press, during a ceremony to honor a TV actor/anchor, Fierro confirmed that Mexicali Resiste didn’t attend the dialogue or debate with the so called Celula 686, because they don’t acknowledge it as a valid interlocutor and they feel that Mr. Silva is influenced by the government.

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