Mexicali Mayor assigns 40 new vehicles for the City Police Department

Mayor Sanchez assured that this Police cars will be assigned to the most dangerous areas of the city, those with the highest crime occurrence and he reiterated his commitment to fight against crime and seek to guarantee and raise the security and safety levels of Mexicali, a task that he considers to be priority and he said that “we will struggle hard and give our best to achieve a cleaner safer and prosperous Mexicali, the city, valley and San Felipe Port altogether forming the great home we all would like to have and enjoy”.

Mayor Sanchez was escorted by DIF System (Municipal Family Development Department) Margarita Flores de Sanchez, and he finally underlined the necessity to work for a safer Mexicali which would become the first step of a path towards progress and wellbeing for all Mexicali residents, “we will continue working to improve the life of families in Mexicali working together citizens and Government”.

State Government Secretary, Francisco Rueda Gómez, the President of Citizen Public Safety council, Alejandro Vazquez and Colonel  Eduardo Villegas, among several other guests were honor witnesses of the ceremony where the first 40 cars were delivered to the officers who will be in charge of each patrol car.

This new scheme of acquisition has been criticized by some media and citizens, but the authorities deserve the benefit of doubt, at least there is one strong argument which is that the 11 million pesos investment wouldn’t buy 66 cars, but some critics think that it would have been best to buy the vehicles, time will tell who’s right and who’s wrong.

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