Professional wrestler punches fan in the face during match in Mexicali

During a wrestling match in Mexicali, Baja California, a member of the audience was beaten by wrestler Garza Jr.

In a video that was posted on social networks by Garza Jr., the spectator is seen leaning on the security fence while laughing and making fun of him, as the wrestler falls to the ground.

In a matter of seconds, Garza Jr. gets up and punches him  in the face.

As it can be observed on the video, the individual intentionally caused the wrestler’s fall as he intentionally moves the security fence, making Garza Jr. fall, and then he makes fun of him to “show off in front of the public”, reason why the wrestler punches him in the face.

When you are performing in front of six thousand fans, there are always a few who want to show off, but they are commiting a mistake because in this sport, no wrestler is going to let the fans disrepect them, and we know how to defend ourselves!” Garza Jr., wrote on social networks.


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