Against all odds, San Felipe fishermen want to go back to the sea


San Felipe fishermen are not allowed to go to the sea, to allegedly protect the “Vaquita marina”, the Federal Government something that sounds sort of absurd since President Peña Nieto, Carlos Slim and Leonardo di Caprio altogether with Green peace, who don’t care about sacrificing a whole community with hundreds of fishermen just to save the Vaquita, discontent is evident in Sunshine Rodriguez, San Felipe fishermen leader and spokesman.

“The financial compensation that the Federal Government promised us to guarantee that we wouldn’t go out to sea never gets here on time, now we have found grounds where we could implement an aquaculture activity without the alleged damage to the Vaquita, where we are blamed for our fishing arts and nets”, said Rodriguez.

The problem is due to the discharges made by the gold mine to the Gulf, an operation that belongs to Carlos Slim and the lack of sweetwater all over the Delta area, but San Felipe fishermen seem to have been taken as a “scapegoat” in this problem, where the survival of an animal species is given more relevance than the wellbeing of a whole community, campaign to which even President Peña has supported.

“We will go back to the sea in September” said Sunshine, apart from the federal financial support for the aquaculture project, since he said that they will accomplish the requirements regarding the fishing arts and nets, “we even hope that Mr. Slim and Di Caprio settle the financial aid and show that they really want to help us and not only annihilate San Felipe people”.

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