Councilor Alejandro Martinez delivers 23 thousand 400 pesos for social support

During the financial aids delivery that added up to 23 thousand 400 pesos to different citizens, the City Councilor Alejandro Martinez said that the main objective is to support Mexicali residents from different areas of the city, in diverse manners, from help for school materials or uniforms to university tuition for students and support for housewives and single mothers in order to help them on several ways.

During the act where Martinez gave checks to several citizens of different ages he underlined the fact that they were public funds to support them to satisfy different necessities and that “it is not my money, nor Mayor Gustavo Sanchez’ money, it belongs to you, us and all the citizens who pay taxes one way or another”.

In the act where he gave away the checks, there were mothers, children and students among other people who received their aids and thanked the support that the 22nd City Council gave them through the Councilman Martinez Estrada and they expressed their thanks to Municipal authorities.

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