The state government of Baja California creates Climate Change Council

State government of Baja California creates Climate Change Council (Photo: Gob. del Edo. BC)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017.- The State Administration headed by governor Francisco Vega de Lamadrid, expressed their concern about conditions and projections in the increase of global temperature, therefore, the Council on Climate Change Of Baja California was officially installed.

On behalf of the State Representative, the Secretary General of Government, Francisco Rueda Gómez, protested to the members of this council and urged them to redouble their efforts and work for the State Administration to continue to carry out actions aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change.

“This administration has reinforced the normative instruments and the public policies to revert the vehicular emissions, control industrial pollution, reduce clandestine dumps, develop the sustainable energy and extend the sources of water supply”, said Francisco Rueda.

The Secretary General of Government mentioned that through the environmental audit program, 36 clandestine dumps occupying 70 hectares were shut down.

The Forest Germplasm Bank for Baja California was set up in Tecate, which is a genetic seed research laboratory to strengthen species vulnerable to climate change and more than 10,000 trees have been planted in 289 schools along the state.

State government of Baja California creates Climate Change Council (Photo: Gob. del Edo. BC)

He pointed out that the State Humidity Committee was created in El Hongo, a tower for the detection of forest fires, and the strategies of the monitoring network and water culture will be further strengthened among the population.

“Work has been done, but we need to make greater efforts to address the risks of climate change, especially rising temperatures, reduced rainfall, prolonged droughts, coastal flooding, contraction of economic activities, and any kind of damage to health. In Baja California the implementation of measures to reduce the impact of global warming is understood as an investment to avoid the risk of very serious consequences in the future, ” said the state official.

The Secretary for Environmental Protection (SPA), Thelma Rosa Castañeda Custodia, said that the goal of the State Program of Action on Climate Change is to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 to 25%, which means that Baja California will contribute to prevent that global warming does not exceed 2 degrees centigrade by the year 2050.

“When we installed the State Committee on Climate Change, we have assumed in the medium term the challenge of reducing from 5.39 to 4 million tons of C02 per inhabitant, which would result in savings of up to 24,676 million pesos,” said the state official .

Castañeda added that the participation of society and the responsibility of the government are the most appropriate ways to guarantee cleaner beaches, more sustainable seas, more eco-friendly cities and more balanced rural areas. “By committing ourselves to a better environment, we are committing ourselves to the health and wellbeing of our society. ” she concluded.

The council is chaired by the Governor of the State, Francisco Vega de Lamadrid; The Secretary of Environmental Protection, Thelma Castañeda Custody as Technical Secretary; The Secretary of Infrastructure and Urban Development, Manuel Guevara Morales; The Secretary of Health, Guillermo Trejo Dozal; The Secretary of Sepesca, Matías Guillermo Arjona Ryldach; The Undersecretary of Social Development, Carlos Francisco Guillén Armenta; Undersecretary of Tourism, Ives Lelevier Ramos; The Undersecretary for Environmental Protection, Efraín Abraham Gutiérrez Galindo; State Director of Civil Protection, Antonio Rosquillas Navarro; and the Director of the State Water Commission, Germán Jesús Lizola Márquez.

Fuente: Comunicado de prensa del Gobierno del Estado de Baja California

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