Violence and racism huge problems in the US and the world: UN

“We must fight racism, xenophobia and the violence they generate all over, all the time”, said United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, who also said that these two problems altogether with antisemitism and islamophobia poison society create problems and provoke things such as the Virginia, USA attack a few days ago.

The attacks that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, are still ”making noise” all over the world, according to a group of UN Human Rights experts who expressed about the fact and warned about the ever growing racism problem within the USA, where xenophobia is on the rise, mainly by extreme right organizations.

US Government must intensify its labor to approach the problem violence incitation demonstrations problem and should be on alert against all racist and xenophobic acts wherever they arise, as it has happened in California, Oregon, New Orleans and Kentucky as well as the Charlottesville incident, which goes to show the huge geographic extension of the problem, according to the United Nations experts on Human Rights.

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