PROFEPA confirms death of Cimarrón Big-Horn ram at Mexicali Zoo

As reported by The Baja Post on July 8, hikers from the Sierra Cucapá rescued a live specimen of bighorn sheep of the species Ovis canadensis (Borrego Cimarrón), an adult of advanced age and apparently in critical condition. But today, the Federal Office of Environmental Protection ( Profepa) officially announced that the ram died on Wednesday August 16, since it could not recover from its delicate state of health.

PROFEPA said in a statement that the necropsy determined death by broncho-aspiration, caused by an injure in the palate that connected with the nostrils. The animal presented a delicate clinical picture with mobility problems and it was necessary to administer fluids intravenously.

After being rescued in a critical state of health, the specimen was treated by veterinarians specialized in wildlife and Profepa personnel, medications were provided to rehydrate and stabilize it.

The animal was treated by specialists at the intensive care unit of the Mexicali Zoo for the last 40 days, with support of doctors from the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC).

The animal was transferred and interned temporarily in the “Predio e Instalación para Manejo de Vida Silvestre PIMVS” facility for its recovery and follow-up of medical attention due to its multiple wounds and advanced state of dehydration, but after 40 days the animal could not recover, and finally passed away.


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