Terror attack at Las Ramblas, important tourist area in Barcelona

A van climbed up the sidewalk and ran over about a hundred people in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon today, in what seems to be another terror attack in Europe, the first reports of witnesses in Twitter mention three dead, but as information has been flowing there are more than ten people dead and about 30 people hurt, ten of them seriously injured and Spanish media talks about two terrorists entrenched inside a Turkish restaurant, and authorities seem to be negotiat9ing with them.

Information is confusing and flowing fast, while some talk about 10 to 13 dead the conseller of the Interior of Catalunya, Joaquim Forn, has only confirmed one dead and 32 injured, but some media outlets mention more than 10 people dead and the tourist business on Las Ramblas are closing their doors and the terror has preyed all over this important tourist area.

Apparently the van driver got off the vehicle and ran away, he might be one of the terrorists hiding inside a restaurant, there are versions mentioning a second van located near Las Ramblas, that might have been the runaway vehicle for the alleged terrorists.

The last reports talk about a terrorist arrested and there are several versions about the attack that seems to have taken the life of more than 10 people, but even the body counts are confusing and information is vague all over the Spanish mass media.

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