Profeco suspended private school in Cabo San Lucas, as part of verification program

Through the special back-to-school and private-school verification operation, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) officially suspended operations at the “California Educativa AC and / or Santa Maria College” school in Cabo San Lucas, BCS; for not complying with the service provision contract.

In that sense, Profeco state delegate Isaías González Nava acknowledged that before the beginning of classes the unit began a verification program, finding that there were various provisions that contravene the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

It was indicated that the particular educational institution did not respect the agreement established in the contract of service presentation and displayed a sign saying: “The school reserves the right of addmission, and in case the student does not cover the monthly tuition payments, he/she will be suspended”.

Also, the school displayed another a legend that says “In case a parent has delays in picking up his child, he/she will be punished”, while the regulation does not specify the sanction, it proceeded to impose the suspension of abusive practices as a precautionary measure for internal regulations.

“We have acted in the suspension of services in this particular institution, since it is not complying with the service provision contract”, González Nava concluded.



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