Artists start working on sand sculptures in Rosarito BC

The artists who will participate in the Rosarito Baja Sand Festival 2017, began working on the sculptures that they will be presenting during the ninth edition of this event, scheduled for this coming weekend.

The Peruvian Rubén Rebatta, who is the author of one of the 16 sculptures that form part of the event that this year was called “Women in Art”, began working on the piece he called “Medusa”, which will be concluded a few days before festival.

Like the rest of the eight artists who participate, the creator strives to make his sculpture a work worthy of this ninth edition, which hopes to exceed the number of attendees that in 2016 reached 15 thousand people.

Ruben Rebatta, originally from Peru, participated in the 2016 edition of the Rosarito Baja Sand Festival, which he considered a great experience, and is happy to repeat, recognizing that he had not participated in an event of this magnitude.

The Rosarito Baja Sand Festival is the largest event of its kind in all Latin America.

He recently participated in the second and third meeting of Latin American artists in Marindia, Uruguay, in addition to the second Sand and the City Festival in April 2015 in El Salvador.


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