Baja California: Mexico’s third place in foreign investment in January-June 2017

The first semester of 2017 shows a net foreign investment of 46.2 million dollars in Baja California, which means third place nationwide, even higher than Nuevo León (a typical Mexican industrial power) as a result of actions taken by the State Administration led by Francisco “Kiko” Vega Lamadrid, according to information issued by the federal Secretary of Economy, which represents a 20.4% increase according to Baja California Economic Development Secretary, Carlo Bonfante Olache, who underlined the fact that the State is first place all over the Northern border (with the USA) and number three in Mexico.

The international business climate, human assets, the synergy  between the schools and businesses the productive infrastructure and a pro-business environment have resulted in competitiveness conditions which have fostered the permanence and arrival of investment so the State Government will keep working together with the entrepreneurial organizations, businesses and other Government levels, to impulse action to favor competitiveness  and pay attention on the issues which inhibit the economic development, said Bonfante Olache.

Secetary Olache said that trucks and automobile manufacturing investments are 20.4%, natural gas transportation 15.2%, credit intermediaries related services 13.4%, air transportation 5.3%, beverage industry 4.6%, electronic components manufacturing 4%, plastics 3.8%, multiple banking 3.1%.

Regarding investment source country, the arrival of foreign investment to Baja California is as follows:  85.2%USA; 4.9% Spain, 2.7% South Korea; Japan 2.6%, Hong Kong 0.9%, France 0.7%, Netherlands 0.5% and Colombia & Belgium 0.4%.

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