The motto is “For a cleaner Mexicali”, neighbor associations, civil society organizations, volunteers, public health representatives and Mexicali city council representatives, all headed by Mayor Gustavo Sanchez Vazquez, worked on a Cleaning Macro Task Force in the Second Section of Valle de Puebla.

This effort is part of a permanent plan, active and well organized, where citizens and Government work together to improve city sections and housing projects of sorts, such as Valle del Puebla where there are lots of setbacks, and problems that need to be solved as soon as possible.

“We are focused on following up and keep working in order to achieve the ”cleaner, more ordered and safer”  Mexicali that we all want, so our job is to keep looking for problems and work to solve them,  a joint effort which will bring big benefits to the city and its residents”, said Mayor Sanchez.

Communitarian leader, Esperanza Diaz and Mayor Sanchez thanked the constant work and disposition of neighbors who got together and organized the task force of some non-government organizations, he also said: “The most relevant thing is that we are showing that it is possible and it is not the only but the best manner to work for community improvement, the way Government and citizens work together aiming to grant better neighborhoods for Mexicali residents”.

They started working early, at seven o’clock Saturday morning, groups of citizens distributed all over the area cleaning empty lots and streets, painting walls and implementing plywood sheets in abandoned houses, to avoid addicts using them as drug houses, there were 200 citizens working together with City council officials in a workday that might as well be the first of many more.

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